Personalized Treatment

What is PTP?

Personalized Treatment Protocol (PTP) is the careful matching of your biology to your medical care. You may hear it called personalized medicine.

Your story of personalized medicine begins with your unique set of genes. Genes are stretches of DNA that serve as a sort of instruction manual telling your body how grow, heal and respond to the environment, foods, stress and the world around you.

The same genes often differ between people. Some combinations might boost your risk for certain illnesses. Some variants can affect how well a medicine works in your body. Or they might cause a medicine to have different side effects in you than in someone else.

Getting Started

Personalized Treatment Protocol is based on your bodies unique chemistry and genetic code. You’ll visit Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine for a simple in-house blood draw.

Schedule with Dr. Nancy today. You truly are one of a kind and your medical care can reflect exactly what your body needs.

When scheduling online, click on the Nutritional Lab/Genetic Panel under the Wellness Tab.