Meet Dr. Nancy (A Different Kind of Doctor)

Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard, DNP-BC, Board Certified Family Medicine Healthcare Practitioner with over 26 years of varied experience in Family, Emergency, and Acute Care Medicine at teaching hospitals, Level I Trauma Centers and Tertiary facilities. She has taught at Thomas Jefferson University, Harcum College and various other educational institutions. 


Bachelors of Science Delaware State University 1996 | Masters of Science Wilmington University 2002 | Masters of Science University of Pennsylvania 2012 | Doctor of Nursing Practice Widener University 2014

Business Owner | Inventor | Philanthropist | Influencer| Talk Show Host | Humanist

NGC Network TV a minority owned media broadcasting network that focuses on bringing awareness, knowledge, understanding and content that impacts communities nationally and globally. The network distributes via live 24/7 streaming, on-demand, automation and pay per view subscription model through a secure OTT next generation streaming delivery system. Dr. Nancy always says: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”Gandhi

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine has a unique perspective on healthcare modalities in that she is creative and progressive in her healthcare and education practice. She has two practice sites in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area with providers throughout the valley. She provides services such as Telemedicine (multiple states), Women’s Health/Wellness, IV vitamin drip therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Medical Aesthetics, and Holistic and Traditional Medical Office Visits that include MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment). She has her own product line “NG Cares” customized wellness solutions that address overall health and wellness.  She offers individual and family healthcare plans. Dr. Nancy believes in living your best life now.
Her philosophy is such that she empowers her patient population by personalizing care and relationship building that improves health outcomes. She is a pioneer in her field and is dedicated to heal and educate the world, one person at a time.

Beauty Moves of Arizona— “Uberization of Med-Spa Services” 

The expansion of Dr. Nancy Gaines Integrative Medical Practice, now operating as Beauty Moves of Arizona, comes to Scottsdale. 

– Concept: Revolutionizing the industry with a hybrid location/mobile med-spa model. 

– Disruption: We’re the “Uber of Med-Spa” – bridging the gap with on-demand services both in-store and mobile. 

Service Delivery Model 

– Model: A dual model with prime Scottsdale storefront and an expansive mobile med-spa. 

– Mobile Unit: The mobile unit, a spacious Mercedes Benz Sprinter, providing high-end aesthetic treatments & services, for both Women & Men. 

Family Matters Healthcare Foundation a 501(c)(3), has a holistic view of the healthcare industry within the greater Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area inclusive of Maricopa County, 

Dr. Nancy’ (as she is affectionately referred to) embarked upon a journey to make a positive impact on families residing in the community. 

The vision of the Foundation is to take an integrative approach to healthcare by maximizing relationships with corporate foundations for funding, healthcare organizations with diversified services, community organizations, and other key stakeholders, Family Matters Healthcare Foundation is strategically positioned to make a long-term impact on many lives.

Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy a 501(c)(3), advocates for high-quality education to all that take part in valuable services offered:  CPR/AED, First Aid and BLS.  These skills are very much needed in our communities that can help save lives.  Dr. Nancy believes that everyone should be equipped with this life saving skill set.  She has a passionate plan to develop a strong network between trained medical professionals, eager students, and welcoming communities.

Dr. Nancy Knows Talk Show was created out of the necessity to help communities on a global scale.  Dr. Nancy became known as “The COVID Doctor” as she was one of the first healthcare providers to donate and provide testing to the homeless and veterans in the state of Arizona.  The rest of the country later followed suit and this service became widespread.  She was televised on local networks and nationally. It was from that moment she knew that being given an opportunity to spread relevant, credible, and much needed information through not only her years of expertise, but through guests who are experts in their field of industry and through celebrity guests that are actively giving back, it was time to be the voice for many!

She welcomes you to join her as she initiates the journey throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and beyond!

Wellness By Choice Angelina Musik’s brainchild to: introduce trustworthy experts, products and services to those seeking education and genuine help on how to live smarter, healthier, happier and longer, and to help avoid being blindsided by an unexpected illness and death.

Wellness By Choice was founded to :
♦ reach and teach the masses with the help of trustworthy experts in their respective fields.
♦ introduce trustworthy offerings to end-users seeking answers and will value it most.
♦ deploy a multiplatform education-based delivery system and strategy to facilitate the above.
♦ serve and protect consumers from being bamboozled by the untrustworthy.

Facilitated through:
♦ EVENTS: private/semi-private education based events/expos
♦ BROADCAST: live streamed broadcast of vendors teaching
♦ LOCAL/NAT’L REACH: web syndication network across U.S. cities
♦ PRINT MAG: print magazine which its vendors teach through

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Meet trustworthy Enterprising Women who teach by sharing their backstory, business, and ‘Did You Knows’. Each is accessible to work directly with as a client, booked as a speaker or media resource.