Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine use many modalities to promote your best health. Included options include Joint injections (Traditional and Stem Cell Therapies).

How Stem Cells Heal

Receptors on stem cells allow them to migrate to areas that need healing and effect change in that area, potentially becoming new cells in the area and create new tissue to help improve functionality. They secrete chemicals which activate and attract your body’s native stem cells to initiate tissue regeneration. There are numerous scientific evidence that show amazing reparation potential of these cells.

Stem Cell Source

All the stem cells that we attain are from ethically obtained healthy live cesarean births. The mothers are donating willfully, and they must go through an extensive medical history questionnaire as well as several blood tests to make sure they are healthy and free from all communicable diseases. Once the umbilical cord and placental tissues are removed, the tissues are tested again, as well as the mother and infant.

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