A New Voice

A divine calling brought local Family Medicine BC Integrative Healthcare practitioner, Dr. Nancy Gaines Dillard, DNP out west, as the only girl in a family of five children, her roots coming from the east coast with an IVY league education from U Of Penn. Much to her family’s surprise, she had a compelling feeling, a figurative tap on her shoulder that her purpose was to move 3,000 miles away to the west coast where she would break her own
glass ceilings.

She packed up her baby, an African grey parrot named Kongo who isn’t quite convinced he is a bird and set across the country for new frontiers of change. She began the journey in emergency medicine through the Dignity Healthcare system in Maricopa County as she had been in the emergency medicine/trauma field for the last 10 of her 25-year career. Quickly realizing that her “calling” was to step outside of her comfort zone and discover even more gifts that she could share with others. She has always believed that you can do whatever it is that is your heart’s desire if that is truly what you want to do and that you need to surround yourself with people that pour into you and believe in you.

Always having entrepreneurial tendencies it’s no surprise where the journey took her. After meeting an inspirational pastor at her new church with the same last name and not one to take coincidences lightly, she knew there was a reason they crossed paths. The pastor asked when she was going to start her own practice. That was the nudge Nancy needed to start on her new path. She worked with the Chandler and Mesa Police Department to put together health fairs two years in a row so that she could really
get to know the community and determine what their needs were before she opened up her practice. Dr. Nancy knew that at that time in the industry, private practices were being gobbled up by larger organizations like hospitals and networks, so it was almost unheard of to be starting a private practice. But even with all of that, she decided to take the leap of faith and in 2017 she created her LLC.

Nancy is a self-proclaimed overachiever and proves it time and time again. When her new business was opening up, she recognized that it could take three to five years to really get going and start seeing a profit, so she had to do everything on her own from credentialing to marketing while simultaneously putting together a plan to bring the best services and advocate for her patients. She met all these milestones in only two and a half years. She is now proud to say that the business has been open for
four years and is doing better than ever.

She has taken her public advocacy and medical experience to new heights. She created a public platform to reach as many people as possible and that’s how the ‘Dr. Nancy Knows’ radio show was born. It began as a small international radio show in North Phoenix owned by a husband and wife team. It’s not your
typical radio show, it’s live broadcasting. You can hear her on the radio and you can watch her, too. She created her own streaming channel, which allowed her to bring more awareness to share hope, love, and inspiration. She feels strongly about communicating these things in life that are free.

Dr. Nancy works in integrative medicine and not only practices primary care, but is also licensed in telemedicine in multiple states. In the face of Covid, suddenly there became an emergent need for telemedical care as a new trend of individuals needing virtual access to a doctor for their health care needs that inspired her to pivot her business model even further. She was called the COVID Doctor when she partnered up with Nick Lowery – Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer and his non-profit Champions for the Homeless, and together with her non-profit Family Matters Healthcare foundation they donated hundreds of tests of which she oversaw, to the homeless and the vets in AZ. Gaining local and national attention for their focus on this population in early 2020.

Dr. Nancy became connected to local radio/television host Dave Pratt who recognized the impact she was making on the airwaves. This transitioned her from radio to television on his worldwide network where he gets over 700,000 views on his network a month. She was thrilled with the opportunity to continue to learn and grow and to help the public. She is now proud to announce that her national program is going to be debuting on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.

In addition to her outreach to support the community, she wanted to take her wellness solutions to another level and decided to start a product line. NG (Nancy Gaines) cares. Her products are customized wellness solutions. It includes natural supplements including a product called FOCUS that helps the entrepreneur, the executive, the attention deficit person do just that in a natural way. Coupled with the internal medicine offerings she also focuses on aesthetics including regenerative cell therapies, weight loss solutions, and natural topical products.

She has two locations in Scottsdale, one by East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road and the other in Paradise Valley off of Tatum and Bell. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nancy, please visit
www.drnancysintegrativemedicine.com or call 480-669-6452.