Hydrate Happy Hour

Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, your body demands nutrients. Supplements via IV delivery allows the vitamins and minerals to bypass the digestive system. Properly administered IV therapy increases the optimal uptake and bioavailable levels of these nutrients.

Better Than Pills

Americans have been taking vitamin supplements since the 1940s. A quarter or more of individuals in their 20s or 30s take a vitamin or mineral dietary supplement. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), for those who are 60 years or older, the number jumps to almost 40%. What Percentage of a Multivitamin Is Absorbed? According to Supplements101, bodies absorb roughly 10% of vitamins from multivitamin capsules or tablets. This is because our stomachs usually break down vitamins before they get a chance to get absorbed due to the nature of multivitamin tablet/capsule casing.

Hydrate Happy Hour is THIS Wednesday, June 8th from 5pm – 7pm!

Location: 10401 E McDowell Mtn Ranch Rd Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | MAP

People’s Experience

“Anyone who wants to feel and look their best can benefit from an IV infusion,” Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard said. “The benefits are numerous: improved mental clarity, immune-boosting, defense against viruses and flu, and even clearer, smoother skin.”

Support Healing

Your body needs a baseline of fluids just to clear out toxins and keep your organs functioning. During an illness, your body requires even more fluids to optimize your immune response to fight off common bugs and maintain your metabolism.

Secure Your Spot!

RSVP for your spot as space is limited. We’re offering a unheard of special price of $99 for these IV Therapys:

  • Quench IV: Re-hydrates your body. Detoxes your system.
  • Immunity IV: Protects against infection. Improves healing time.
  • Inner Beauty IV: Replenishes essential nutrients.
  • Performance: Restores energy. Boosts your metabolism

At Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine we can deliver key nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and hydration to dramatically improve your health, wellness and mood.

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