Concierge Membership

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine offers packages focused on personalized preventative care. US News & World Report reported that Concierge Medicine Today published a piece noting that 33% of physicians in concierge practices reported having no wait times. Another 31% said their wait times were less than five minutes. Concierge wellness translates into personalized care.

Memberships are designed specifically for you and your immediate household members. You shouldn’t have to hesitate to seek medical care to keep you healthy. With concierge preventative care you’ll experience our medical staff spending more time with you than traditional medical offices. We treat you as a whole individual with robust thoughtfulness towards preventative care. You’ll have access to 24x7x365 telehealth for diagnosis, easy care planning and prescription support .

At Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine we believe that concierge service should be within reach of every patient. You’ll find our membership fees are affordable.