Scottsdale’s Rising Star

Voyage Magazine’s mission is to find amazing souls that breathe life into their city. Dr. Nancy was recently recognized as a Rising Star in the Scottsdale community by Voyage.

You know Dr. Nancy through her dedication to changing patient’s lives through integrative medicine offered at her multiple locations in Scottsdale. Voyage features two additional avenues Dr. Nancy invests to make the world a better place.

As a complement to Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine practice, she is the founder of Family Matters Healthcare Foundation. This non-profit is strategically positioned to make a long-term impact. It brings together corporate partners, neighborhood leaders and individuals to improve the lives of residents in the community through education, healthy eating, mentoring and other life giving programs.

Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy is an ASHI certified training center developing high-quality education and practical skill equipping such as CPR to train people within the communities to help save lives.

Congratulations Dr. Nancy for being selected as a Scottsdale Rising Star and for being the change!

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