Essence Yarbrough brings 10+ years of experience to the practice of reflexology. Reflexology is sacred and unlocks the underrated or previously unknown mechanisms of the body to help it to balance itself. Reflexology helps with homeostasis, relieves pain, increases feelings of mental and physical wellbeing, relaxes the body and mind, and addresses all the systems of the body. It improves nerve supply and blood flow while also helping to balance hormonal activity. Reflexology is an alternative wellness practice. Wellness is often achieved both from within and with a team. Wellness comes in many forms.

What can the client expect? A relaxing and effective one-hour session at Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ, begins with filling out a quick but important, intake form and then having their feet washed to soften up the skin before receiving foot reflexology followed up at the end with a full body relaxing but stimulating massage. If more attention needs to be addressed on specific parts of the body, i.e., TMJ, legs, back, neck, hands, head – then more focus is directed to that area before the session ends.

Feedback is encouraged while receiving bodywork and can make for an even more effective session. Typical responses from clients after their sessions are increased feelings of well-being, deep relaxation, and other healthy balancing responses. If more sessions are needed for specific conditions, that can be arranged with the client, but if not, clients can be scheduled for regular maintenance sessions.

Available Thursdays & Fridays By Appointment

Reflexology is a trusted and safe practice. The foot reflexes may have tenderness while working in various areas that need to be addressed depending on whether an imbalance is in the acute or chronic stage, and responses can vary between persons and conditions. If a protocol for a condition is necessary, the client is scheduled for two sessions per week for up to 8 – 10 weeks which is the maximum length of time to feel changes within the body (even though clients commonly feel a deep relaxation and well-being from each session) and are then followed by maintenance sessions.

As a reflexologist, I never move outside of my own scope of expertise. I don’t make claims of healing, nor do I diagnose or prescribe. I leave that up to our skilled and licensed doctors, like Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard of Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine. Every person is different, but I, nor science can deny the many benefits that reflexology, produces. Something that I like to say is that the body always tries and wants to heal itself. We just do our part to help it along the way. Impress someone or de-stress a loved one with a reflexology session.