Food Prices

As fuel prices rise concerns about consumer goods, especially food prices, are on many people’s minds. The US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service and US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts grocery stores prices will increase an additional 2 to 3% and eating out will increase between 3-4% (CPI). This trend appears to be continuing.

While price concerns are intimidating, there are steps you can take to protect your family.

When shopping buy whole ingredients and cook at home. Processed food almost always costs more and doesn’t stretch as far. Review what is in your freezer as well as canned goods and plan meals that use these supplies. This keeps food from going to waste and rotates supplies on hand. When you see a sale, stock up.

For fresh vegetables and fruits insulate your family from the ups and downs of supply and grow your own. No green thumb? No problem. Vertical, aeroponic garden systems allow you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or time commitment of traditional gardening. They can grow outside in sunlight or inside with correct lighting. Using aeroponics—the same technology NASA uses— aeroponic gardens grow plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt. Research has found aeroponic systems grow plants three times faster and produce 30% greater yields on average. That means you’ll be enjoying abundant, nutritious harvests just weeks after planting.

Aeroponic plants have an increased yield by an average of 30%. They grow up to three times faster and use as little as 2% of the water of a traditional garden all in less than 3 square feet. Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine invites you to join the aeroponic movement. Grow your own fresh food without pesticides or grocery store worries.