Do Supplements Matter?

The answer might surprise you. It actually depends.

The first consideration to ask is “What does my body need?”. What your body needs for optimum health is largely informed by your DNA, lifestyle, diet and stress.

Is there a way to scientifically discover what your body needs? YES! A good place to begin is micronutrient testing! Micronutrient testing provides results covering a period months. It gives a much clearer picture of your bodies needs, rather than relying on a simple blood test, whose results can be easily influenced by going on a strict diet a few days prior to that test.

Dr Nancy tells us more:

Personalized Strategy

After micronutrient testing, Dr Nancy has the data and expertise to personalize a supplement strategy that is specifically geared for your needs. She partners with world class wholistic and medical grade supplement providers to increase absorption. Drug store and big box supplements often have additives such as fillers and even sweeteners that can work against your bodies needs.

Don’t guess. Connect with Dr Nancy today to ensure you are getting the best support for your body.