Ozone Therapy

Ozonotherapy is the use of medical grade ozone, a pure form of oxygen, to create a curative response in the body. The body has the potential to renew and regenerate itself. The reactive properties of ozone stimulate the body to remove impediments allowing the body to do what it does best – heal itself.

Dr Nancy has completed medical grade training on the administration of Ozone for healing purposes.

At Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine, you may be a candidate for Ozone Therapy for:

  • Athletic Performance Recovery: Many sports injuries involve strains and sprains that cause swelling and an accumulation of excess fluid in connective tissue. Ozone Therapy for athletes soothes muscles and calms nerves, and it causes oxygenation of tissues at a cellular level. Therefore, nutrients are delivered to the site of injury and inflammatory fluid is removed more rapidly.
  • Autoimmune: Ozone Therapy boosts the body’s natural functions resulting in better oxygen utilization, thus allowing the body to begin to heal. The ozone gas’ infusion into the body pushes for the interaction between the lipids and amino acids, allowing for the efficient delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues. The treatment can rapidly improve the immune system’s function, as it helps detoxify the body.
  • COVID Long Haul: Ozone seems to have low antiviral activity by inhibiting viral replication and inactivating viruses; it is also an antiviral drug enhancer. More Research Details. International Immunopharmacology Article.

Ozonotherapy has been and continues to be used in European clinics and hospitals for over fifty years. It was even used here in the United States in a limited capacity in the early part of the 20th century. There are professional medical ozonotherapy societies in over ten countries worldwide. The International Scientific Committee on Ozonotherapy (ISCO3) was formed to help establish standardized scientific principles for ozonotherapy.