Equal Access

Each of us contain profound opportunity and gifting to make the world a better place. Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard is doing just that through a collection of endeavors with an holistic integrative approach to healthcare and education.

Dr Nancy provides healthcare in seven states: Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, California, Washington State, Pennsylvania and Maryland leveraging telemedicine.
In person appointments are available in two Arizona locations. NG Cares customized wellness testing and supplements are available nationwide.

Bringing awareness, knowledge and understanding to empower people towards their best health and life is at the core of Dr Nancy’s life mission. To facilitate equal access for people around the globe, Dr Nancy has acquired NGC Networks, LLC. It is a media broadcast network distributing to 196 countries. Visit Dr Nancy at https://drnancyknows.com/follow/ to watch, listen and be encouraged.

For customized, personal healthcare schedule with Dr Nancy. She takes the time to understand you and your health. She combines the best of traditional and holistic medicines to support your best life.