Benefits of Waxing & A Special Offer

$25.00 off one service! This February give yourself, a friend or loved one a smooth February. There are great benefits to waxing. Here are just a few.

When wax is applied to your skin and then removed, it peels away any excess dead skin cells with it. The results are like a two-for-one wax and exfoliation treatment.

When your hairs are pulled out by their roots, it takes way longer for hair to grow back in than it does when you shave because the hair has further to go when growing back. You’ll have softer skin for much longer giving you back precious minutes formerly spent wielding a razor in the morning.

By making the switch, you’ll no longer have to keep replacing your razors and shaving cream, which can really add up on your budget and time.

Waxing can actually change the texture of hair when it grows back: Sometimes the hair is finer!

The more consistent you are with your waxing routine, the less painful it feels—because your hair isn’t as thick as it once was, and finer hair is easier to remove from the skin. So you’re essentially rewarded for keeping up with your regimen.

Before Your Appointment

Exfoliate 48 hours before you go, and stop shaving at least five to seven days prior to ensure your hair is the size of a grain of rice.

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This special of $25 off one service is available only until March 15, 2021.