Don’t Live with Pain

Neuromuscular pain? Headaches? Migraines? Global pain? Knots? Tech Neck? Anxiety? Depression? Lymphedema? Neuropathy? Myofascial release?

Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine partners with Greg Kirschenbaum, LMT and founder of USA Holistics in Scottsdale, Arizona to integrate modern medicine with traditional Chinese Medicine. In partnership we seek to treat and prevent diseases, provide pain management and support mental wellness in our community.

Licensed Massage Therapy is a form of Physical and Mental Rehabilitative, Internal Medicine and Neuromuscular Medicine. All around the world, for thousands of years, Massage Therapy has been used to help treat many types of disorders.  

After countless research studies done by Doctors and Scientists throughout the U.S. and Europe, it has become known to Modern Medical Science that Licensed Massage Therapy specifically, benefits the Human Circulatory System.

Greg Kirschenbaum, LMT

USA Holistics, Founder
Licensed Massage Therapist
Master of Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbology PIHMA
Bachelor of Arts, UMass Amberst
Associates Degree, Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies New York College of Health Professionals

U.S. Military Veterans, Active Duty, Registered Nurses, Public School Teachers and First Responders (Police, Firefighters, EMT, Paramedics) receive a significant discount with the monthly plan. USAHolistics VIP coverage is also extended to the uninsured.