COVID-19 Donated Tests

Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame kicker Nick Lowery teamed up with medical volunteers to giving back.

More than 70 people within St. Vincent De Paul’s Ozanam Manor, a transitional housing program for adults with disabilities and those ages 50 and older, received COVID-19 test.

One resident living at the manor is working two jobs to get back up on her feet. She was tested receiving her results in about 10 minutes. “You see here, one line, that means you’re negative.” said a medical volunteer under Dr. Nancy’s supervision. “Knowledge is power. I’m just glad to know I’m healthy” said the recipient.

During Tuesday, April 28th testing, all tests came back negative.

By scheduling your COVID-19 test through Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine a donated test is made available for use at St. Vincent De Paul’s.