NFL Hall of Famer teams up with Dr. Nancy to get homeless community COVID-19 antibody tests

For every person who gets a test through Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine a test for the homeless will be donated to St. Vincent De Paul in Phoenix.

Nick Lowery was used to ending drives with a kick, but this one ends with a pin prick. The Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame kicker is demonstrating the drive-thru COVID-19 antibody test, but his focus isn’t on his own results. For each test administered through one of Dr. Nancy’s locations a homeless person will be tested.

The test was given an FDA emergency approval and can yield results in as little as 10 minutes.

“Why not the homeless, they’re at a disadvantage. Statistics show they don’t have access. I’m here to help that and change that,” Gaines-Dillard said.

“We’re in this all together and to me it’s a great thing that every single person who gets this test, they’re giving life to a homeless person and some love at the most difficult time you could imagine for them,” Lowery said.

You can contact the clinic and make an appointment for the $150 test.

Huge thanks and gratitude to Matt Galka, Kari Lake and Richard Saenz for bringing needed light to the our homeless community suffering from extreme vulnerability to the Covid 19 virus… Phoenix may well be the 1st community in America to intentionally honor by testing its homeless population.#ChampionsForTheHomeless #StVincentDePauls #NFLLEGENDS #NFLPA #NFLCares #NFLPLAYERS #NFLALUMNI #NickLoweryFoundation #NickTheKick #ArizonaCardinals #KansasCityChiefs #Homeless #Covid19 #Phoenix #Ozanam

Geplaatst door Nick Lowery op Dinsdag 21 april 2020