NFL Hall of Famer teams up with Dr. Nancy to get homeless community COVID-19 antibody tests

For every person who gets a test through Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine a test for the homeless will be donated to St. Vincent De Paul in Phoenix.

Nick Lowery was used to ending drives with a kick, but this one ends with a pin prick. The Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame kicker is demonstrating the drive-thru COVID-19 antibody test, but his focus isn’t on his own results. For each test administered through one of Dr. Nancy’s locations a homeless person will be tested.

The test was given an FDA emergency approval and can yield results in as little as 10 minutes.

“Why not the homeless, they’re at a disadvantage. Statistics show they don’t have access. I’m here to help that and change that,” Gaines-Dillard said.

“We’re in this all together and to me it’s a great thing that every single person who gets this test, they’re giving life to a homeless person and some love at the most difficult time you could imagine for them,” Lowery said.

You can contact the clinic and make an appointment for the $150 test.