COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available Now

Give yourself peace of mind and increased response time by determining your COVID-19 exposure.

COVID-19 Antibody / Immunoassay Serology Testing is available at Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine. The test is completed in office and initial results are available during the appointment.

The Serology Test results will show if you:

  • actively have the virus (active virus IgM)
  • have been exposed but have immunity built up (antibodies IgG) or
  • have not been exposed (negative).

For tests that show active IgM, a repeat test is advised. Active IgM clients are directed to seek a nasophargeal swab (nose / throat swab) with a facility that offers this test and self quarantine. Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine does not provide nasophargeal tests.


Our offices adhere to CDC guidelines and medical best practices disinfecting for clean work spaces, creating appropriate patient social distancing and wear protective medical coverings for your and essential staff’s protection.


No-contact option to pre-pay for your scheduled COVID-19 Serology Test.