COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available Now

Give yourself peace of mind and increased response time by determining your COVID-19 exposure.

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine offers both the Antibody (blood) Test and Antigen (nose swab) Test. A certification of COVID-19 testing results is provided.

Antibody Test

IgM & IgG are antibodies that can be detected in a persons bloods as soon as 2-3 days after potential exposure to COVID-19. IgM indicates an active virus. Self-quarantine with repeat testing is advised. If IgG antibodies are present, limited immunity is present.

The presence of neither IgM or IgG means a negative test.

Antigen Test

This is a molecular test that examines the tiniest protein particles to detect COVID-19.

It is administers via a nose swab.

It will result in a positive or negative result.


Our offices adhere to CDC guidelines and medical best practices disinfecting for clean work spaces, creating appropriate patient social distancing and wear protective medical coverings for your and essential staff’s protection.