COVID-19 Calm

Leaders at all levels are working hard to manage and balance their way through COVID-19. From honoring freedom and independence to proactively protecting team members and the public. It’s a challenging time.

Recently the staff at Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine work with a local company exemplifying excellence and heart for their employees, customers and business. Their leader sent these encouraging words:

As the manager of a manufacturing facility under DOD essential services requirements we had a employee that had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. That sent a shock wave throughout the facility. In order to assure a safe work environment I had reached out to Dr. Nancy’s office and they provided on site testing for all of our employees. All tested negative, thank goodness, and all employees are now feeling safe and are back focused on the work.

I cant say enough about Dr. Nancy’s team. They are organized, efficient and results were available in 10 minutes. I highly recommend them.

None of us would choose a world challenged by COVID-19. But it is good to serve peace of mind as people have definitive knowledge of their exposure.

If you would like to know your COVID-19 exposure for yourself or your business, please contact us. We are here to help.

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