Bryan Newman of 101 Referral Networks

The 101 Referral Network is comprised of professional business owners from all around the Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan area. Bryan Newman of 101 Referral Networks chats with Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard about her practice

Did you know that 17% of the population have a mutation that doesn’t effectively process B12 or Folate? This inability to fully process these key nutrients can impact how clearly one thinks. Dr. Nancy shares with Bryan how Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine is able to run blood tests to identify deficiencies and craft a customized wellness plan for you.

What else do you get the inside track on?

NGCares are healthcare plans offered for individuals and small businesses with as little as two employees. As COVID-19 unfolded, Dr Nancy was determined to help the community have access to affordable and consistent health care. She shares about her inspiration to create these plan that covers primary care, maintenance of chronic and acute illness, transitional care from the hospital, immunizations, physical exams, tele-medicine, chiropractic, clinical hypno-therapist and nutritionist support. In addition small business owners can partner with NGCares to provide NGCares Company Memberships that provide all of the above plus short term coverage, disability, life and hospital bridge.

Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine offers a variety of services such as medical care, esthetics and more! Here Doctor Nancy chats with Bryan Newman about many of the services offered at Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine.