Dreamsteerer Speaker

Did you know that our own Dr Nancy volunteers her personal time to help others succeed? She does!

Tonight, Sept 16th at 6pm, Dr Nancy is speaking at Dreamsteerer Academe’ in Chandler Arizona. Dreamsteerer Academe’ is a program of Creative Consulting Dreams which offers a nine-week certification course that helps you uncover, discover and develop the dream you already have inside, to better prepare you to pursue your God-given goals, dreams, and vision.

Dr Nancy Knows interviewed Beverly Brown and Dreamsteerer Academe’ recently. Watch here: https://drnancyknows.com/beverly-brown/.

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  1. We are so honored to have speak at our Dreamsteerer Academe’ class sharing your inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to acheive your goals, dreams and vision.
    Beverly Brown, The Dreamsteerer

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