Hormones and Weight Gain

The eight most unrecognized hormonal imbalances that drives weight gain! There are subtle signals your body sends to you everyday. Recognize the signs to prevent unhealthy weight gain. Even with great menus and exercise without a balance in your thyroid, you can experience difficulty loosing weight, hair loss, brittle nails and more.

Nutritionist to the stars, functional nutritionist and biochemist Doug Caporrino has an excellent podcast on Hormones! I invite you to check it out!

What you NEED to know about Cancer Screening Episode 1

This is a must listen to about cancer screening. You will also hear about the wonders of Turmeric and cancer and Black seed.  — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dougcaporrino/support

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More Great Advice

Doug is featured on Dr Nancy Knows! He gives great general health advice on super foods such as avocados, fermented foods, wheatgrass and more. Grab yourself some great health information and read more at https://drnancyknows.com/doug-caporrino/

Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino