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Individual + Partner is designed for two adults in the same household. The Family plans provides care for up to two adults and up to three children in the same household. For families with four or more children, please use the ‘additional child’ option after signing up for the Family Plan.

No hidden fees or complexities.

Membership BenefitPrice
Primary CareIncluded
Injury Office VisitIncluded
Routine Labs Included
Preventative Adult CareIncluded
Preventative Well Child CareIncluded
Clinical Hypnotherapy1 Consultation + 1 Session Annually
Chiropractic 12 Visits per Plan Year
Preventative MedicationIncluded
PrescriptionsDiscount Program
Workers Comp Case ManagementIncluded
Patient Assistant ProgramsIncluded
Physician-to-Physician Case ManagementIncluded
Telehealth Services (Mon-Sat, Business Hours)Available
Chronic & Acute Disease Care ManagementIncluded
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Monthly Pricing: Individual $125; Plus Partner $225; Family (2 adults, up to 3 children) $325; Each Additional Child $75.00

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Adult (18-64) Same Household:
Senior (65+) Same Household:

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Plan Effective April 2021