An FDA-approved method that targets fat and builds muscle. You CAN re-shape your body.

The Pro-Fit Elite™ is painless and non-invasive with zero recovery time. If you want a firmer and smoother appearance in your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and love handle area, then the The Pro-Fit Elite™ is the treatment for you. One 30 minute session, stimulates your muscles to contract. These contractions are supramaximal. This kind of contraction cannot even be achieved through voluntary muscle activity.

Whole Body

Your muscles will undergo a change on the cellular level. Over the course of treatment, your muscle fibers will become thicker and stronger.

Your Treatment

At 20,000 muscle contractions in half an hour, you may notice some twitching in your legs as your muscle groups contract. With the different treatment phases designed to both stimulate your muscles and provide slower “cool-down” pulses to flush out the fat cells and lactic acid produced by the treatment. When your session is over you will feel like you’ve taken a challenging pilates class.

Your Results

You will see the results after only four treatments. These results are equivalent to the results you would get by dieting and exercising for six months to a year. All without ever going to the gym.

Get rid of those stubborn bulges, The Pro-Fit Elite™ is the perfect treatment to target your problem areas and deliver visible, satisfying results.

Pelvic Floor (The Cushion)

Uses the same electromagnetic technology stimulating (Hyper) contractions to the Pelvic floor. This improves muscle strength in a fraction of the time it takes to build on your own.

Your Treatment

This procedure is non-invasive. In the comfort of our office, you’ll sit on the devise clothed.

Within one 30 minute session you’ll experience muscle firming that equates to 10,000 kegel exercises and 20,000 hyper muscle contractions.

No downtime. No pain. No surgery

Your Results

Improvements in sexual dysfunction in both male and female (Men EDD and Female lack of sexual pleasure).

Improvements Urinary dysfunction (all 3) Stress, Urge and Mixed.

Reduced Chronic Pelvic Pain to include interstitial cystitis, prostatalgia and vaginismus.

Most patients experience improvements after the first 1-2 sessions with six to eight treatments recommended for best results. 75% of users still maintain good pelvic floor muscle after six months or more.