PRO-FIT Laser Lipo

With this professional procedure by Dr. Nancy’s Integrative Medicine you can loose up to 2″ in 20 minutes.

8 sessions twice a week is recommended to obtain maximum results.

No downtime. No surgery.

Reduces fat and cellulite deposits
Fades stretch marks
Tightens Skin
Jowl, neck lines and double chin minimized

This one of a kind medical grade red light and infrared light therapy improves circulation within the tissue, reduces stiffness and eliminates toxic (visceral) fat!

Eight sessions.  Payment options are in full or half down with Dr Nancy. Also available are PayPal options of 4 equal payments or on credit.

Pro-Fit Laser Lipo


This option is to complete the second half payment with Dr Nancy.


Pro-Fit Laser Lipo (Second Payment)


Tip: Under “WT Loss” section, choose “Pro-Fit Laser Lipo”. Select “Dr Nancy ” as Therapist.

Use online scheduling to book your 8 appointments today.

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